Town of
Supervisor - James Ossont
Councilperson - John Doiron
Councilperson - Stephen Perez
Councilperson - David Rundle
Councilperson - Thomas Tkachuk
Town Clerk - Jeannie Dano
Assessor - Stephen Hunter
Highway Superintendant - Kenny Dutch
Zoning Enforcement Officer - Joseph Pfeiffer Jr.
Town Attorney - Diane Martin-Grande
Building Codes Officer - Joseph Pfeiffer Jr.
Public Hearing on Local Law #1 of 2018
January 30, 2018
Public Hearing The Ava Town Board will hold a Public Hearing on Local Law #1 of 2018. The Law provides for the continuation of the Veterans Cold War Exemption, which is an exemption on property taxes. By state regulation, this exemption was originally for a 10-year term, but can now be extended permanently by the assessor for the life of the qualifying veteran. This exemption ended this year but can be reinstated at the Town’s discretion. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 13,2018 at 7:15 P.M. The meeting will be held at Ava Town Hall, 11468 State Rt. 26, Ava, NY 13303. The public is invited to make comments at the meeting, or if unable to attend may send comments to the Ava Town Clerk, PO Box 68, Ava NY 13303 no later than Feb 8, 2018, so that are received by the meeting. Jeannie Dano, Ava Town Clerk Dated: Jan 30, 2018
JCAP Grant
January 18, 2018
The Ava Town Court has been notified by the Justice Court Assistance Program (JCAP) that a grant in the amount of $3,772.88 for fire proof file cabinets had been approved on January 2, 2018.   Our thanks go out to Court Clerk Pat Stempien for her help in securing this grant. These cabinets are sorely needed to store the case files of the Court that are adding up. JCAP has been responsible for enhancing the Ava Town Court and at the same time benefiting  all who make use of the Town Hall.
Town of Ava Park Grant
December 13, 2017

The Town of Ava has been awarded the following grants for the construction of The Ava Town Park.

$251,191.00 from New York State Parks and Recreation

$50,000.00 Secured by Senator Joseph Griffo 

Our Thanks to All Those Who Helped and Supported To Make This A Reality!

Please see Parks and Recreation Tab on this page for additional information. 


Town Hall Phone
(315) 942-5669
Ava Town Hall Address

11468 State Route 26

Ava, New York 13303


Town Board News
The West Leyden fire department is looking for volunteers, that are badly needed.
Contact Gerry King @ 315-942-4799 or
Jeff Nellenback @ 315-842-5421


Ava is the home of fresh air and clean water. People who live here know they have a small slice of the best there is to have.
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