Town of
Supervisor - James Ossont
Councilperson - Stephen Perez
Councilperson - Lisa Cihocki
Councilperson - John Doiron
Councilperson - Thomas Tkachuk
Town Clerk - Jeannie Dano
Assessor - Stephen Hunter
Highway Superintendant - Kenny Dutch
Zoning Enforcement Officer - Joseph Pfeiffer Jr.
Town Attorney - Diane Martin-Grande
Building Codes Officer - Joseph Pfeiffer Jr.
Town Hall Phone
(315) 942-5669
Ava Town Hall Address

11468 State Route 26

Ava, New York 13303


Dog Licensing


Dog Licenses

This is a reminder that ALL dogs are required to be licensed.

Dog Licenses in the Town Of Ava are as follows.

Neutered or spayed dog: $8.00

Unneutered or non-spayed: $13.00

Replacement tags: $2.50

Fine will be $10.00 plus license cost.

 Licenses can be purchased from the Ava Town Clerk. Be sure to bring proof of Rabies Vaccination.

2016 Ava Tentative Assessments Available
May 09, 2016

The Town of Ava's 2016 tentative property asssessment roll is available here:

 Persons with concerns, questions, or complaints may meet with the Assessor are the following times at the Ava Town Hall:

Tues, May 9    3-7pm

Sat, May 14     9am-1pm

Thur May 19  2-6pm

Mon May 23  4-8pm


Contact the Assessor at: or (315)794-4475 for an appointment.

Grievance day will be held at the town hall Tuesday May 24 from 5-9pm.


A Message From the Assessor Regarding Dilapidated Structures
May 03, 2013

A concern was expressed recently by a property owner who feared that improving his property by removing an unused dilapidated building would result in an increase in the property's assessment.  Actually, the opposite is true. 


A parcel's total assessed value is arrived at by assigning a value to the land, and also to each and every structure or improvement on the parcel, and then totalling all of them.  While a dilapidated building may not have a lot of value in the assessor's eyes, it is a structure, and some value is assigned to it. By removing the structure, the property owner then gives the assessor the ability to totally remove the structure's listing on the tax roll, thereby removing that value from the total assessment.


Ava is the home of fresh air and clean water. People who live here know they have a small slice of the best there is to have.
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